Last day: Barcelona

I got off the boat this morning in Barcelona. After my mishap getting over here, I was looking forward to my full day in this city. I tucked the last of my belongings into my bags and got off the ship. Norwegian disembarking is fairly easy. You can do it fancy style and have them carry your luggage off the boat, or if you’re like me and totally forgot to grab the right tags the day before, you can also just drag your luggage off with you. Despite the high number of people on the ship, the lines were very short and quick to get off. Once I was off, I waited in the meeting area for my driver. He showed up (right on time) and off we went.

I am staying at Hotel 1898, which is a few blocks from Catalunya Square (aka Plaça de Catalunya) and a very short drive from the port. Driving up to the hotel I was pleased to see an army of shops and clothing stores. My driver was pretty cool too – the provided a mini verbal tour on the way to the hotel, so by the time I got out of the car I was oriented. We also chatted about San Francisco (he lived there for a few years), Las Vegas, and general city history and differences.

I arrived early at the hotel. Although check-in wasn’t until 3PM, they had an extra room and parked me in there. I unloaded my pile of crap, pushed all the buttons available in my hotel room (you have to try out all the things when you first get into a hotel room, it’s a rule), then headed out on foot to see how long it would take me to get lost.

I did not get lost!

That said, I was initially mildly disappointed. It’s Sunday. Almost everything is closed. There is still quite a bit open, but it’s not much. Clothing stores were all closed (BOO). A lot of shoe stores were open. I did get to see a nice cathedral, fight my way through an open food market, and snap a few nice pictures of the city while on foot. I considered heading to the Sagrada Família but I was just too tired to hop on another bus and fight the tourist crush. Next time!

On my wanderings I did run into a group setting up to play. Among them were relatives, a double reed instrument known as a dolçaina (dulzaina). I told them we were double reed cousins, and they let me snap photos.

Around 2PM I returned to the hotel. I chilled with some sparkling white wine, having invaded the mini-bar. Damn the prices, after all the walking I needed a drink! I also spent more money. When I got back I realized THIS IS BAD. My suitcase is full. The spare empty bag I brought is full. I have no idea where I’m going to shove that stuff. To make it all worse, I discovered a tear in my suitcase near the zipper, so I need to find some sort of strap to hold it all together.

I had a bunch of euros left, and since I couldn’t blow them on clothes I eventually put down the sparkling wine and went to go buy another bag/small suitcase. But first, lunch. Having spent a week on a cruise ship, I’d forgotten that part about buying food to eat when you’re hungry. I marched myself down La Rambla and stumbled on this square full of restaurants (Plaça Reial). Picked one at semi-random, and got a giant dish of paella de pollo.

After that, I went back the way I came, wandered into some gift shops, and found myself a second cheap suitcase. Since all of my airlines do two free bags, it was far cheaper than attempting to ship everything back home. Seriously, I collected a lot of crap along the way. Mercifully, my 6 pack of wine is being shipped so I don’t have to worry about hauling that out of the country.

Euro count is now extremely low, so I figure I’ve got enough for driver tip and another fancy glass of wine. And a postcard. Forgot to get one of those. I walked nearly 7 miles today. By the time I get downstairs and back up, it will be 7 miles. I’m pooped, but definitely got a lot out of my one day in Spain.

I get to go home tomorrow. Well, home after 15 hours of flying and 6 hours of layovers. Then the day after is dentist and work. At least it’s a half day of work. I expect to be fully fried, but I’ll be happy to be home.

Traveling to strange new places alone is definitely an experience. I’m glad I decided to do it. It’s far better than waiting around for somebody to join you. This way I have zero regrets and get to see the things I want.

Now my blog can return to it’s status of post-desert, where the updates are few and not nearly as exciting as this last week.

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