I have learned a few things

Yeah, the whole post-a-month thing didn’t work out.  So much so that I haven’t posted since my epic(?) train trip experience…last year.   I’m not much of a posting person.  Even my Facebook feed is mostly notifications of my orchestra happenings or the occasional Star Trek or oboe joke.  Don’t ask about my twitter – not so good at the 140 characters or less (I do love Picard Management Tips, though).  I’ve not been the type of person with the need to spill my guts on the intertubes.

So what has happened this year?  A lot and not much.  Some things are awesome (cats, dog, friends, oboe).   Some things have been rough.  Overall, a decent 2015!

As far as some milestones:  for the first time in my life, I went to Europe.  Specifically, Italy, on tour with my orchestra.  I played in Italian cathedrals!  I bought two more instruments, an oboe d’amore and english horn, which complete the oboe set I need to pump out Bach cantatas.  My cat Spot turned 12 (sad face).  My hair is currently blue and purple.  I convinced my cat to wear a Santa hat long enough for a holiday picture.  I’m playing a another concerto in January (mercifully, only one movement – I was given a little over a month to crank it out).

I think I’m writing because I’ve reached a point where I have thought about what matters to me both professionally and as a person.  I mentioned to a friend of mine that my life needs were minimal:  quiet home, not a big city or suburb, place to plant fruits and veggies, a nice backyard for the cats/dog to hang out in, and being home more than I am at work (or just working from home).  My work needs are probably even less:  to be doing something where I know I’m actively fixing things and helping others out.  They are not mutually exclusive goals, and I hope to continue where I am with my career going forward.

When I went into project management I thought it would be somewhere I could help:  I was once a developer, and I knew how to help developers.  In that respect, I have succeeded.  I understand how they work, what they do, and most importantly what I can do to make their workdays focused.  I may not be a standard PM, but what I do works because I’m always willing to bend, adjust, and even pitch in when I can.  I had a blog published on the topic, which had some pieces cut out that I thought were important.  After I get through the oboe d’amore concerto gauntlet in January I’ll expand on the subject a bit.

I’ve been working on a side project in Yii.  Trying to solve a unique scheduling conundrum we have.  I started the effort in Laravel.  Couldn’t write it fast enough.  So I figured I would go with what I knew so I could spit it out faster, then convert it over after I had the idea fleshed out.  If it becomes a thing, you’ll find it on my Github.  There is the required cat reference.

So that’s pretty much it for now.  I’ve been on a 10+ year streak with this blog, so I’ll do my best to chuck in a few words now and then.   I’m putting it on my to-do list RIGHT NOW.

Random Things

Vegetable crop was so-so.  Freeze set in before the tomatoes and squash made it.  Had a lot of itty bitty teeny tiny tomatoes.  Kale loves Nevada.  Corn took off like nobody’s business – I’ll be planting a lot more of it next year!

More double reed instruments = more work.  I’ve found my focus is split between the three.  It’s not necessarily bad.  I have not mastered the oboe (I mean, really, who does?), but having a few other fun things to play with is a good time.

I may need a bigger place.  Right now I’m scrunched in a 2 bedroom, 800 square foot domicile with 2 cats, and a dog.  Not a whole lot of wiggle room.  When I hit an oboe jag I pretty much lose the coffee table to my equipment 🙂

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